Introducing Children To Creative Code - August 2022

We had the opportunity to teach a five day workshop this last summer where the children discovered the basics of design, creative coding and digital art installations through p5js.

The children where introduced to the concept of tillable patterns through the history and techniques of traditional Tunisian tiles.

With the guest interventions of ceramic artist Mehdi Kriaa and historian Saoussen Milli, the children had the opportunity to observe and understand the artisanal motif, its history and what this medium can lead them to do. And then to use their hands to take part in the analog process of creating ceramic tiles.

The last days of the workshop, they designed their own tile patterns and coded them and animated them digitally. They ended their week by presenting their work for the public in the form of an immersive exhibition using interactive video projections on multiple surfaces at the Chapelle of L’Art Rue.

Photos by Sami Fakhet

Music by anasisana