A glimpse at the past


July 2023

Started at Bright

Just three days after my end of Masters presentation, I was contacted by the nice people at Bright to join them as a Creative Developer for all their Three.js and WebGL needs.

June 2023

Finished my studies

After many years I have finally concluded my studies. 🎉

June 2023

Nominated at the Luxembourg Design Awards

Dawn, the first installation I did with my partner Zohra Mrad as Zolei has been nominated for the installation design award at the yearly Luxembourg Design Awards.

September 2022

Joined the amazing people at Brewster Studio

For my last apprenticeship, I had the chance to join the terrific Brewster Studio team. Working in a concise specialized team allowed me to do what I do best. Fast Prototyping, Research and Development, and Innovation.

June 2022

Co-founded Zolei

Finally officialized my artistic cooperation with Zohra Mrad.

April 2022

10 Years of Algorave in Utrecht, Netherlands

I had the joy of performing at the 10 years celebration of Algorave. The specific edition was in Utrecht and was organized by Netherlands Coding Live, Creative Code Utrecht, and Uncloud.

The entire event was livestreamed on Youtube.

September 2021

Started a Master degree at Gobelins - Paris

My last sprint as a student. This Masters degree would allow me to improve my ability to function as a technical lead in a team.

July 2021

Joined The Walking Nerds

For one year I had the opportunity to officially be a Nerd. On top of that, I got to work with my close friend Alban Bleicher. This experience has taught me the discipline it requires to work remotely.

November 2020

Briefly worked at Mot.Tiff

September 2020

Started an interactive developement B.A at Gobelins - Paris

During this Bachelor degree, I got familiar with the arts of the creative web development. My experience with p5.js kickstarted my learning of three.js. From there I became knowledgeable about glsl and shader logic.

September 2020

Moved to Paris, France

September 2019

Joined the NEEEU team

I could not have hoped for a better place to do my first professional steps as a developer. The people at NEEEU have provided me with an exciting and safe environment to grow.

April 2019

Wrote my first line of code

Using p5js I have started getting interested in coding as a hobby. Thanks to the incredible tutorials made by Daniel Shiffman.

During my first sketch, I even had an infamous ‘happy accident’ with this 3d effect.

April 2017

Started a Game Design B.A at the University of Applied Sciences Europe

During my first Bachelor, I have studied the arts of Game Design and Game Development. During three years, I have had the chance to learn how to use Unity, to work in a team and to manage projects.

This has also been an opportunity for me to study Communication Design for my elective classes (Graphic Design 101, Typography and Poster Design)

April 2017

Moved to Berlin, Germany

April 2015

Moved to Düsseldorf, Germany

February 1996

Born in Tunis, Tunisia

I don’t remember much before this.