Immersive Installation - June 2023

Fovea is an interactive immersive installation. It was presented in June 2023 as my Masters graduation project at Gobelins Paris.

For ten weeks, I have collaborated with Morgane Rocheteau, Julie Pereira, and Pierre Pinto de Olivera to create a unique and technologically ambitious proof of concept for an installation.

We wanted to create an experience that utilizes the space in which the user is, the surface they walk on but also the volume they move in. We have decided to create our very own CAVE system with a twist.

The main idea was to have a central pillar that the user would walk around. The pillar would serve at hiding the separation line between two different environments.

We had very little money to create the installation, which meant finding creative solutions to cut the budget. To build the CAVE structure, we have used a garden barnum to which we added white fabric walls.

All the music and sound design was made by the talented Adrien Melchior.