About me

I am Leith, a 28 year old Creative Technologist currently based in Paris.

I take pride in my ability to design, develop and deploy. Currently working at Bright in Paris. Recently graduated with from Gobelins Paris with a Design and Management of the Interactive Innovation master degree. Merging Art, Design and Technology, I seek to expand the digital medium in order to emotionally stimulate. Originally seeking to be a game designer and developer I quickly decided to enlarge my scope to all kinds of digital platforms.

I am mostly motivated by technical challenges that involve creative, out of the box, solutions. I am also engaged as an creative technology educator for the adult and the young minds.

With Zohra Mrad, we have founded ZOLEI in 2022. It is our platform to express ourselves as artists through audio reactive light installations and live performances.

I am also member of B-SAAD, a young alternative arts collective based in Tunisia. There, we aim at creating a safe and inclusive underground art scene for the Tunisian youth.

You can find a printable version of my CV here.